HUBZone Accelerator

The mission of the HUBZone Accelerator Project is to help and empower underserved communities while strengthening companies to continue the HUBZone mission. It provides career development and supporting programs in order to tackle the nationally urgent and highly important goals of employment in underserved communities. The HUBZone Accelerator Project also promotes HUBZone certification as more than just a tool to receive preferential treatment in government contracting.

The HUBZone Accelerator is funded solely by membership fees and sponsorships.

The HUBZone Accelerator is a consortium of HUBZone companies organized by The Catalyst. The purpose of the HUBZone Accelerator is to provide HUBZone companies a centralized network to focus on and the mission of the HUBZone company to the communities and the people that reside there. HUBZone Accelerator is also a one-stop resource for HUBZone companies to grow their company, share resources, and market their capabilities to prime businesses and government agencies.


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