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Establishment of a Board of Advisors

Entrepreneurs are typically experts when it comes to their particular product or service, but sooner or later they realize there's a great deal more to know about running a successful business. That's when outside advice can be of real value. Entrepreneurs who are wise enough to recognize that they don't know everything are turning to experienced, well-connected advisors who can help their businesses grow and prosper in ways they've never imagined. They look at their business and ask, "What's missing?" Would it help to have more input on marketing or finance? Would I benefit from getting advice from someone who has "been there done that?"

To learn more about this program, download the Fact Sheet (PDF).

If you are interested in establishing an outside Board of Advisors, please contact Joanne Randolph at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Business Plan Review

The need for business planning and a business plan for a new venture cannot be overemphasized. It forces entrepreneurs to consider every facet of the business and places decisions on paper; where they can be evaluated and considered before getting started. Without exception, entrepreneurs who have written their business plans report that they were forced to rethink many aspects of their venture. Often, it became apparent to them that there were some serious flaws in their thinking. The parts did not fit together properly.

Read more about the importance of developing a business plan (PDF).

Writing a Business Plan can be a time-consuming task. Software programs or instruction manuals can assist you with preparing your plan, but it is still important to polish and perfect the document before submitting it to investors or lenders. The best way to refine a Business Plan is to have it reviewed by other business professionals who are accustomed to seeing and reviewing Business Plans. Independent points of view can help identify gaps, inconsistencies, and areas that need to be strengthened.

The WBCNA Business Plan Review Committee is comprised of bankers, entrepreneurs, lenders, accountants, and others who can review your business plan and offer suggestions on how to make it stronger. Whether you intend to attract investors, lenders, or business partners, a Business Plan review can help answer these questions:

  • Is your business plan complete or are there missing components?
  • Have you thought through everything?
  • Is marketing sufficiently addressed?
  • Is the format readable and free of typographical and grammatical errors?

To learn how we can assist you, please contact the WBCNA at 256-535-2038 or contact us online.