Doing Business with the Government

Government Contracting Credentials

Federal contracting has always held the promise of lucrative rewards for small businesses.  Learning how to sell successfully to the government can be daunting. To be successful, you first need to know how to market your small business effectively.

  • Does your capability statement tell your story?
    Your capability statement should correctly communicate your core competencies and be tailored to meet the needs of potential customers.
  • How important is strategic planning?
    Strategic planning provides a sense of direction and measurable goals.  Understanding how to prioritize, implement, and execute your strategic goals can grow and sustain your business.
  • Do you know how to write proposals successfully?
    Breaking apart the key components of a proposal will assist you in designing, developing, and writing winning content for your submission, which can be the determining factor in being awarded a government contract.

No matter what your experience level is, our Government Contracting Credentials series brings subject-matter experts and real-world experience straight to you.  Learn about these things and much more to ultimately increase your likelihood of success in the federal world.

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