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FastTrac® NewVenture™ - 10-Week Comprehensive Entrepreneurial Program

FastTrac NewVenture is our flagship program----it is definitely one of the most beneficial programs we have to offer.  It is a 10-week comprehensive entrepreneurial program that covers A-Z what it takes to start and operate a successful business.  It’s easy to start a business---the hard part is staying in business and making money!

FastTrac is a national program sponsored by the Kauffman Foundation that we brought to North Alabama years ago.  It was developed by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs and hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs have been through it---so it’s tried and true.

Typical participants are those in the idea stage, start-ups that have been in business a year or two, and all the way up to entrepreneurs who have been in business for 15-20 years and have multi-million dollar businesses.  And you know what they say, “I wish this had been around when I got started, because I made a lot of mistakes that cost me time and money.  I am testing the feasibility of my new product or service idea on paper this time, and not out of my wallet!”

We meet once a week in the evenings (because most of the participants still have their day jobs or have already started their business and can’t leave it during the day) for 3-4 hours.  Each week, we delve into one aspect of the business and we invite subject matter experts to come in to speak to you and to answer your particular questions.  Topics covered include Marketing, Finances, Legal Entities (what’s the difference in a “C” corp and an “S” corp and an LLC, and which one is right for me), Intellectual Property, and much more.

You are working ON your business while you go through FastTrac---in other words, your business is the case study.  Over the course of 10 weeks, you are developing or refining your business plan.   At the end of the 10 weeks, you should have a good, solid Business Plan that will guide you as you start or grow your business.  But it’s not the Business Plan that’s valuable---it’s the process that forces you to think about your business from beginning to end and to test the feasibility of your idea on paper.  

Testimonials from FastTrac Graduates:

“I didn’t know what I didn’t know.”

“This should be required for everyone thinking about starting a business.”

We hope you take advantage of this awesome program to work “ON” your business and improve your chances of being successful.  The 10 modules are:

  • Session 1:  Exploring Entrepreneurship
  • Session 2:  Identifying/Meeting Market Needs
  • Session 3:  Setting Financial Goals
  • Session 4:  Planning the Product/Service
  • Session 5:  Researching/Analyzing the Market
  • Session 6:  Reaching the Market
  • Session 7:  Building the Organization & Team
  • Session 8:  Planning for a Profitable Business
  • Session 9:  Cash Flow & Seeking Funds
  • Session 10: Implementing Next Steps

Who Needs This Program?

  • Individuals who are thinking about starting a business.
  • Start-up entrepreneurs (1-2 years in business)
  • Established business owners who are thinking about a new service line, or new products, or going into a new market and want to test the feasibility on paper first (and not out of their wallets).
  • Established business owners who have a business plan and understand that it is a “working” document and the value of updating it periodically.

When:     Spring & Fall of each year
Cost:       $300 (Cash, Check or Credit card); Payment must be received in order to reserve your space.
                 Scholarships are available for qualified clients; call 256-535-2038 for details.

Please see the calendar for future program dates.