HUBZone Accelerator

As a project of The Catalyst, the mission of the HUBZone Accelerator is to:

  • Promote the mission of the HUBZone program.
  • Provide career development and supporting programs for our underserved communities to tackle the nationally urgent and highly important goals of employment in our distressed and underserved communities.
  • Promote HUBZone certification as not just a tool to receive preferential treatment in government contracting.
  • Promote the spirit of the SBA HUBZone Program to help and empower distressed and underserved communities while strengthening our companies to continue the HUBZone mission.

The HUBZone Accelerator is a consortium of HUBZone companies organized by The Catalyst to:

  • Provide HUBZone companies a centralized network to focus on (1) the business mission of the HUBZone company and (2) the HUBZone mission to our communities and the people that reside there.
  • Be a one-stop resource for HUBZone companies to grow their company, share resources and market their capabilities to prime businesses and government agencies.
  • Be a one-stop resource for large prime companies to explore more business details about the HUBZone companies and the HUBZone communities.

The purpose of the HUBZone Accelerator is to:

  • Be a potential resource for procurement officers to conduct research as to sufficient HUBZone competition for a set-aside action.
  • Advocate for what we believe is an urgent and extremely important socio-economic entity.

HUBZone is the only socio-economic category that is about a group of people and where they live, as opposed to one person who owns a company. HUBZone companies and employees live, work and play in the heart of distressed communities in the U.S.

We believe that procurements targeted to HUBZone communities provide opportunities for bringing good and challenging careers to HUBZone communities where historically there have been very limited opportunities. Everyone has their definition of Quality of Life, but we believe the opportunities afforded through a robust HUBZone program give HUBZone communities a chance to look at an expanded vision of the country that most other Americans enjoy.

The HUBZone Program is not just about a large group of residents, but also will impact the next generation who could grow up with this large vision of America. In turn, we believe that the associated positive economic and social impacts to the U.S. are needed, especially at this critical juncture in time. And, we want to shatter the myth that HUBZone companies can’t perform on technical and challenging contracts.

The HUBZone Accelerator is an organization of HUBZone companies created for the purpose of showcasing capabilities, opportunities, initiatives and lessons learned. Member companies are like-minded about HUBZone community importance and furthering the HUBZone program.

We conduct good faith efforts to work with HUBZone companies to support potential HUBZone opportunities. Our member companies pool resources to cut overhead costs and to be more active and successful in HUBZone community initiatives.

We maintain a database of our respective capabilities, so we can easily build strong teams to pursue work that we would not be able to perform individually. We encourage each member to contribute their fair share to maintain the organization, and to maintain the high standards as a company.


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